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(GT-i5500), i5510 (GT-i5510), i5700 Spica (GT-i5570), i5800 Galaxy 3 Apollo (GT-i5800), i5801 Galaxy Apollo (GT-i5801), i8000 Omnia II 2 (GT-i8000), i8150 Galaxy W (GT-i8150), i8190 Galaxy S3 Mini (GT-i8190), i8260 Galaxy Core (GT-i8260), i8350 Omnia W (GT-i8350), i8510 Innov8 (GT-i8510), i8510 Innov8 (SGH-i8510), i8520 Beam (GT-i8520), i8530 Galaxy Beam (GT-i8530), i8730 Galaxy Express (GT-i8730), i8750 Ativ S (GT-i8750), i8910 Omnia HD (GT-i8910), i900 Omnia, i9000 Galaxy S (GT-i9000), i9001 Galaxy S Plus (GT-i9001), i9003 Galaxy SL (GT-i9003), i9010 Galaxy S Giorgio Armani (GT-i9010), i9020 Nexus S (GT-i9020), i9023 Nexus S (GT-i9023), i9060 Galaxy Grand Neo (GT-i9060), i9100 Galaxy S2 (GT-i9100), i9103 Galaxy R (GT-i9103), i9105 Galaxy S2 Plus (GT-i9105), i9150 Galaxy Mega 5.8 (GT-i9150), i9190 Galaxy S4 Mini (GT-i9190), i9195 Galaxy S4 Mini (GT-i9195), i9200 Galaxy Mega 6.3 (GT-i9200), i9205 Galaxy Mega 6.3 (GT-i9205), i9295 Galaxy S4 Active (GT-i9295), i9300 Galaxy S3 (GT-i9300), i9301 Galaxy S3 Neo (GT-i9301), i9500 Galaxy S4 (GT-i9500), J100 Galaxy J1 (SM-J100F), J120 Galaxy J1 2016 (SM-J120F), J320 Galaxy J3 2016 (SM-J320F), J330 Galaxy J3 2017 (SM-J330F), J415 Galaxy J4 Plus (SM-J415F), J500 Galaxy J5 (SM-J500F), J510 Galaxy J5 2016 (SM-J510F), J530 Galaxy J5 2017 (SM-J530F), J600 Galaxy J6 (SM-J600), J610 Galaxy J6 Plus (SM-J610), J710 Galaxy J7 2016 (SM-J710F), J730 Galaxy J7 2017 (SM-J730F), J600 (SGH-J600), J700 (SGH-J700), J800 Luxe (SGH-J800), L170 (SGH-L170), L600 (SGH-L600), L700 (SGH-L700), L760 (SGH-L760), L770 (SGH-L770), L810V (SGH-L810V), L870 (SGH-L870), M110 (SGH-M110), M150 (SGH-M150), M200 (SGH-M200), M300 (SGH-M300), M310 (SGH-M310), M3200 Beat S (GT-M3200), M3310 (GT-M3310), M3510 Beat (GT-M3510), M5650 Corby Surf Lindy (GT-M5650), M6710 BeatDisc (GT-M6710), M7500 Night Effect (GT-M7500), M7600 BeatDJ (GT-M7600), M8800 Pixon (GT-M8800), M8910 Pixon12 (GT-M8910), M8920 (GT-M8920), N910 Galaxy Note 4 (SM-N910F), N915 Galaxy Note Edge 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ZTE Blade Vec 4G,



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